Service Options and Collection

Concord Disposal is pleased to offer residents the following three weekly service options, which all include recycling and yard waste collection with your standard residential solid waste (“garbage”) collection service.

Regular service includes collection of material that fits into the carts provided. Lids must be closed.  Concord Disposal Service will not pick up over-loaded carts. Overloaded carts and extra bags can be collected for an additional fee. Please call our office or email us for additional service.

Residents have a choice of three levels of service, all of which include recycling and yard waste collection. These levels vary according to the size of solid waste (garbage) cart desired: 32-gallon, 64-gallon, or 96-gallon. All carts are easily movable wheeled containers, which makes the curbside set-out process convenient for our customers.

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Residential Collection

Our goal is to maximize the efficiency with which we complete the collection process in order to limit noise, interruption of traffic, and other impacts to the neighborhoods we serve.

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Recycling Collection

Curbside recycling takes place on a weekly basis and is included as part of your standard residential collection service. Your participation in this program is critical to contributing to Concord’s mandated diversion objectives, and we appreciate your efforts.

Please help all of us in Concord improve the effectiveness of our recycling program by ensuring that only appropriate materials are placed in your blue recycling cart. 

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Yard Waste Collection

As part of our weekly collection program, Concord Disposal Services offers weekly pickup of yard waste on the same day as your regular solid waste (“garbage”) and recycling collection. Please be sure to put all yard waste in the green yard waste cart.

To ensure safe and orderly pickup of yard waste, Concord Disposal Service is not required to pickup overloaded carts. The cart's lid MUST BE CLOSED completely when set out for collection.

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Condo/Townhouse & Multifamily Options

Concord Disposal Service is proud to offer condo, townhouse and multifamily rates. If you have questions regarding these rates, please contact our office.

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Rental Properties

Concord Disposal Service offers rental property tenant accounts depending on the property owner account status.

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